sandwiches & wraps

Sandwich Tray

Assorted bagels cut in half. Filled with tuna, lox and cream cheese and assorted cream cheese spreads. Topped with lettuce, tomato and onions.

      Serves 10 -12 $98.89 • Serves 15-18 $131.89

Pinwheel Wrap Tray

A combination of our gourmet pinwheel wraps. Served on a decorated tray. Choice of wraps: Tuna, grilled vegetables, sea food salad, avocado Caesar salad, egg salad, Greek.

     Serves 10 -12 $109.98 • Serves 15-18 $164.98 • Serves 20-24 $208.98

Lox & Bagels

An array of fresh baked bagels, lox and cream cheese displayed on a tray with fresh sliced black olives, tomato, cucumber, onion, pickles, and banana peppers. Your choice of cream cheese.

     Serves 10 -12 $138.99 • Serves 15-18 $207.99 • $11.50 per person (10 person minimum) 


Plain, whole wheat, everything whole wheat, everything, sesame, onion, pretzel.


Plain, chipotle whipped cream cheese, chive cream cheese, vegetable cream cheese, jalapeno cream cheese.


Caesar at the Sea
Mediterranean Salad
Greek Salad

          Serves 8-10 $49.99

Serves 8-10 $44.99

Serves 8-10 $44.99          

House with Tuna
House Salad
Caesar Salad

          Serves 8-10 $34.99

Serves 8-10 $34.99

Serves 8-10 $44.99          

Quinoa Kale Salad
Sweet Potato & Avocado

Serves 8-10 $54.99

Serves 8-10 $54.99          

appetizer tray

fruit & veggie trays

The Cheese Platter

A tasty arrangement of Munster, American, cheddar and mozzarella. Cubed cheese surrounding a mound of fresh red and green grapes.

     $4.25 per person • 20 person minimum 

Baked Salmon

A side of salmon of your choice: onion glazed, honey mustard or teriyaki. Garnished with fresh crispy sliced vegetables. Served Hot or Cold, Sliced or Full.

     Serves 8 - 10 $98.89 • Add Wood Board $15.00

Crudité Tray

Assorted crisp veggie strips, olives and pickles accompanied by a creamy spinach dip. 

$3.85 per person • 10 person minimum    

Garnish Tray

Generous layers of shredded lettuce, juicy tomatoes, fresh red onions, pickles and jalapenos. The perfect accompaniment to any platter. 

$3.85 per person • 10 person minimum    

Fresh Fruit Tray

build a tray

A wonderful arrangement of seasonal fresh fruits. 

$3.90 per person • 10 person minimum    

An array of fresh baked bagels and your choice of three flavors of cream cheese displayed on a tray with fresh sliced vegetables.

     Priced per person • 10 person minimum


     Add tuna $1.50/person

     Add egg salad $1.50/person

     Add lox $3.95/person

hot food items

Mac & Cheese

Half pan $40 • Serves 10 - 12 • Optional sauce    

Scrambled Eggs & Cheese

dessert items

Choose up to 3 Vegetables; Tomatoes, mushroom, peppers, onion, green olives, black olives.

$3.99/person • 10 person min • Cheese optional     

Assorted Hot Panini Tray
Breakfast Pastries Tray

Assorted Pastries


3 cheese, Tuna melt, Grilled vegetables, Avocado and cheese, Pizza press, Margarita.

$149 • Serves 12 - 15     

Large Cheese Cake




Box of Joe

Includes: cups, sugar, milk

$24.99 • Serves 10 - 12     

Orange Juice